Indian weddings are an elaborate extravaganza which requires an ample amount of forethought and effort into it by event and wedding planners. Best wedding planner organiser takes care of everything including pre wedding events to the final day, and also looks over managing the budget, vendors, venues, and all the nitty-gritty details that go into planning a wedding. Our custom wedding planner begin the planning process with a consultation


Food is love and the ingredient that binds us together. A major element for hosting a successful wedding is undeniably good food. Our wedding caterers organize and bring to the table the scrumptious expertise of renowned chefs and cuisines from all around our city. With an extensive range of wedding food catering, we ensure lip-smacking cuisines including Indian, Chinese, starter amongst the rest. Time and again we have been recognized as a premium and best wedding catering service in Siwan.


Love is in the detailing. The pink of her cheeks and the brown of his eyes… we know what those colors mean. Our plan team works with you to create customized wedding themes that resonate through everything… your wedding card, décor, flowers, drapes, lighting, the mandap, the buffet lounge, the tablecloths – you have it in mind and we bring it to life.

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